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Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
The road crew has been trimming tree branches that hang over the road in preparation for melting winter snow. I hate when they do that especially in beautiful treelined streets...however, I guess it does allow the sun to do some of the melting.

Anyway, I asked them if they needed a place to dump the shredded and chipped branches and offered my yard for that purpose. They dumped a huge pile of wood chips that were mostly leaves and pine needles. I'm using them to smother some invasives--so far, mugwort and some Japanese knotweed. I've put it on pretty thick and hope it does the trick with the knotweed--I think it will definitely be enough to smother the mugwort.

I'm thrilled to have it, but I'm just a little concerned about bringing tree diseases into our yard. They are all local trees from along the road we live, so I'm assuming any diseases are already around.

As I spread the twigs, leaves, and woodchips, I decided they would act as a "mini- brush pile" to some of the smaller critters in the world.
Great acquisition! And for the right price!! It sounds like you've already spread them, but the knotweed could very well grow right up through the mulch, regardless of how much you piled on. I've heard stories of it growing up through hardtop.

One effective way to stop it, though, is to cover it with cardboard - large pieces like from a refrigerator or something big, and then cover the cardboard with your mulch. Even knotweed cannot drill a hole through firm cardboard.
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