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I'll match yours with mine...

Mine is a Carolina Wolf Spider, but you are in the wrong state. Clearly yours is in the same family. I find one or two a year, in the garage, on the drive, on the window screens. So far, not inside the house. They are 2-3 inches across, and while I absolutely do not want one crawling on me, I can admire them and take them outside with a cup (large) and file folder (index cards are often too small).

It is funny how we plant butterfly gardens but don't garden for spiders. Kind of discriminatory, don't you think?

I think a phobia of creepy crawly things is to some extent programmed into our DNA from birth, then accentuated by seeing our mothers shriek and overreact to them. It is one of the reasons I take our snakes on school visits, to try and reduce this. Nonetheless, I drew the line on pet spiders - the idea of a pet tarantula escaping in the house gives me the creeps. Remember the movie "Home Alone"?
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