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More time spent at the farm in the Milkweed fields and among other blooms. The first two are of the same individual. He stood out to me because he seemed particularly long compared to the many other types of bees that were servicing the Milkweeds. I took several shots of him, many of which were pretty good, but these two really blew me away.
~Bugs on Blooms~-marf-079a.jpg~Bugs on Blooms~-marf-083a.jpg
This beauty landed nearby and again, I took several shots but this was the only one that came out. It's a shame because he had that beautiful shade of blue on his body that caught my eye immediately. Unfortunately, after a few moments I saw him flapping his wings frantically for a while and, after he had flown away, I notice that he had left two legs behind. Somehow he had gotten the feet stuck in the blooms and couldn't free them. Since he had been feeding peacefully and unconcernedly while I was taking pictures, I don't think it was panic at my presence that caused this (although I confess to an itch on my conscience anyway).
~Bugs on Blooms~-marf-096a.jpg
While technically not on a bloom, this spider was on some Boneset and most of the other ones in the vicinity were in bloom, so I'm going to bend the rules a bit in order to include this stunner.
~Bugs on Blooms~-marf-185a.jpg
I'm not sure what flower this is but thick, extensive carpets of it were scattered throughout the meadow. It's quite beautiful and full of activity. This photo shows one small fragment of it.
~Bugs on Blooms~-marf-198a.jpg
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