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Originally Posted by GardenGirl99 View Post
Interesting! In a nearby wild bird sanctuary there are piles of branches and logs in areas. Are these providing shelter? food? for certain birds? are they as beneficial as the standing trees? I was surprised at how dense the area is, closed off, dark, cool inside. It is in a part of a much larger park with trees walking paths and picnic areas.

Welcome aboard. Explore. I think you will really love it here.

Looks like havalotta beat me to it--both in welcoming you and in providing a link for you to learn more about brush piles.

Between snags and brush piles, wildlife should be drawn more and more to our property. I'm trying to increase my brush piles both in size and number. I have a couple of naturally occurring snags and some that I plan to create.

I hope you will share more here...observations, experiences, planned projects, and pictures--lots of pictures if you have them.
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