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Originally Posted by benj1 View Post
Thank you, thank you.

Split-tooth gill, huh. Wonder how long I'll be able to remember that???? Once in a while you turn over a random piece of wood and there's a prize underneath.
Well, Split Gill, I'm worse with common names than with the scientific ones. Schizophyllum commune if you want to get fancy.

By the way, that's one of the few macrofungi that can cause horrific problems in humans. There are instances where its grown in peoples lungs. At an IMA meeting several years ago, we had a lecturer who was a fungal pathologist who showed us photos of this mushroom growing in the sinus cavities of someone who had a cleft palate.

In another instance, it grew in someone's lung and actually ate its way out to the surface of her chest. She had other health problems though that suppressed her immune system, so that isn't typically what it can do.

But don't go sniffing it when you find it again, you don't want to inhale a bunch of its spores.
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