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In Aldo Leopold's SAND COUNTY ALMANAC, he writes of a cup plant that was caught in point of a triagular cemetery that the lawn mowers could not reach. He speculated that it could at the time have been the last specimen in Wisconsin. He speaks always of the species with love and affection. Alas, it was not too long when the workers tore down the fence that had formed the triangle and mowed the cup plant down.

Leopold estimated that it had been there since the mid 19th century, and that it was one of the last remnants of life there before the settlers changed the landscape.

It makes for interesting reading, and I believe anyone who reads it will never again extirpate Silphium perfoliatum.

I have two specimens that I planted late last year. I never got to see it flower, but the way they are coming up this year promises many flowers. They're already four feet high, and this has been a late Spring here.
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