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Originally Posted by bridget1964 View Post
John (tineckbone) and I went to a family reunion in PA this past weekend. It was a beautiful location in
Originally Posted by bridget1964 View Post
Shickshinny, PA, the homestead of my Aunt Mary. Beautiful old farmhouse, built in the mid 1800s, being slowly restored by my cousin Ricky. The area has a lot of old farms, many of which are no longer being farmed. Much of the old farmland has turned into woodlands over the past 30 years or so.
Since all of the cousins got the O'Brien gene to love Nature, we spent much of the day taking short walks around the 140 plus acres. John was in his glory with all the plants and bugs; I was thrilled to see bluebirds, hear hermit thrushes and wood thrushes and I saw my first bobolinks!!

Sounds wonderful, bridget. Please tell John he is missed here...I've been meaning to e-mail him to tell him myself, but I'm quite the procrastinator.

GREAT photo--contest worthy! You should enter it...You still have a couple of hours...I hope you are still up to see this.
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