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Originally Posted by linrose View Post
I mentioned recently that I've seen the hummingbirds go to Penstemon digitalis...
I've seen them at the Penstemon digitalis as well. Although red attracts them, I'd hardly say that they ignore other colors--I remember a conversation I had with some stranger where I stated that hummers visit colors other than red...I don't think they believed me.

I'm not trusting my memory, but I *believe* I saw them visit--or at least investigate sundrops--which are yellow. Any time I see them at a flower that is not trumpet shaped, I go to investigate to see if there might be a place for nectar to pool.

The wild geranium is not trumpet shaped at all, and I couldn't figure out where the nectar collected. Ya know, I'm going to try to set up a camcorder to see if I can catch them visiting the wild geranium before it is completely finished blooming. I want proof!
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