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Thanks Dave.
As a child we had a pet fox. I found the den while horseback riding with a friend. Both families dug and dug for hours until they located the main den under a small bush. We ended up taking one for ourselves to raise. She became a very lovable companion but was kept outdoors where she could freely dig and keep cool within mother earth. Back then, they sold the pups at the local pet stores. You certainly would not do THAT now-days.

Dad being a taxidermist for the museum had a permit that allowed us whatever live creatures he needed for studying their natural poses.
I was very fortunate to have experienced the live specimens. Most were borrowed from the local zoos. I recall how feisty a badger can be and how poofy the little owlets of the great horned owl were. They were and still are my favorites.
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A walk among the elusive Whitetail Deer
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