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Originally Posted by linrose View Post
I started to notice them looking out from the deck over toward the sinkhole, a dampish area which usually grows up with blackberries, pokeweed, asters and goldenrods. I did read they like moist areas. As I continued watching I found they were everywhere in the field.

"So what makes for a firefly habitat in the garden? Seems wet springs producing moist soils and lots of decaying organic matter where slugs and worms and other larvae live, along with dark corners of a garden where trees and shrubs shade open areas from street and home lights"

pollinators-welcome: Firefly?s life cycle and habitat

I believe this is our own Gloria's blogspot (Hi Gloria from Chicago!) Maybe she can add more if she reads this.

This is the sinkhole where I saw many fireflies.
Thanks, Linrose. When I was a teenager I went to school in Brunswick, Maine for a summer and experienced, for the first time (I was a city boy) the wonder of fireflies. I had a plan which was to catch a horde of them before I left and release them in my neighborhood, which had nary a tree or a patch of lawn. Alas, as would be expected, the plan failed.

Now, whenever I see any fireflies in the yard, the old magic returns and I lust for the abundant numbers I knew back then. However, I may be well on my way towards success. In the past few years I have been laying leaf mulch from the local cemetery in great abundance in sections of the yard, reducing the amount of grass mown, and planting natives after removing aliens from the space. I also have a section that is quite damp at this time of the year, though in midsummer, it dries up except after a heavy rain.

Gloria, if you're following along, please add your knowledge to the link. Thanks for any help in the endeavor!!!
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