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Originally Posted by jack View Post
I'm growing four new native grasses in an area this year; one of my hopes is that they attract fireflies. I see a few each year and am always hoping i can increase their numbers by judicious plantings and elimination of alien species.

Sounds like a great plan. Good luck with it. If you are seeing some, I'd like to think you will start seeing more each year.

Originally Posted by jack View Post
Just about all of the aliens are now extirpated...

GREAT job! It will be years before I accomplish that--if ever--on our two acres.

Originally Posted by jack View Post
What do you find they are most attracted to??

There is a chapter about fireflies in Noah's Garden, I think. Hopefully, I'll find time to look for it for you in the next couple of days...feel free to remind me.

It is past my bedtime--but I napped earlier and am still up now.
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