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Default Hummingbird 'Tag' Suggests Fragmentation May Be Part Of Pollination Crisis

Hummingbird 'Tag' Suggests Fragmentation May Be Part Of Pollination Crisis
ScienceDaily (Feb. 10, 2009)
To find out the cause of what’s being called a global “pollination crisis,” researchers at Oregon State University have successfully attached an electronic tracking device to a hummingbird for the first time – and the darting travels of the tiny bird may be pointing the way to at least part of the problem.

In the tropical forests of Costa Rica, this green hermit hummingbird, which is an important pollinator of some forest plants, in essence refused to visit isolated sites and traveled only in narrow corridors of the remaining forest – even if that meant taking the roundabout way back home.

This supports the theory that fragmentation and disturbance of landscapes may indeed be a significant contributor to pollination problems that are plaguing plants around the world, researchers say.
Anyone familiar with the concept of green corridors? Imagine what we could collectively achieve if one wildlife hospitable yard to the next wildlife hospitable yard began connecting? The potential is unlimited, no?
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