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Originally Posted by philip View Post
Thanks suunto.

I thought maybe I had broken the cardinal rule of forums; Keep it short, stupid.

Like I said, I personally am in a grey area when it comes to this sort of thing. But I don't like weasel words, incitement of paranoia and so on.

The great thing about this group is: they are happy to listen to the likes of me, to the likes of someone that is not going to just echo their opinion and confirm what they know.
I am certainly not as open minded as I could be, and have a tendency (present in all of us maybe) to try to confirm what I "know" and discount conflicting viewpoints.
I'm glad you're here, Philip.

I feel a little guilty for starting this thread, truly. I wanted to think about technology, and how sometimes it's helpful and sometimes it's not. I do think that the farmers at the start of the thread were put in a horrid economic bind... and that it was unwise of our multinationals to get involved... and that wisdom all around is something that we all can use more of.

GMO technology has the potential to do much good, but can also cause harm. I'm worried that the companies involved are not thinking through all the downsides.

I guess I am okay with GMO "tweaks" (analogous to what can be achieved via selective breeding) but am leery of larger changes. It's like in computer coding-- if you have a program that works, only make judicious mods, and keep your original source code in a safe directory. And don't ever create anything that goes viral.
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