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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
I can picture it already!
In my minds eye..... I see vegetation following all along it and down to the pond....
To make it blend in like a stream still flowing beyond.... I'd continue a lazy snaky line of vegetation leading to the woodland? below.

Just what is at its lower end...
It is hard to compete with someone elses imagination. I hope I can at least satisfy what I see in *my* mind's eye. I do want some vegetation to help blend it in and also hide where the stream begins... Eventually I think I can achieve something that will statisfy my least I hope I can.

There is more of a slope beyond, then it drops off to a steep hillside. If I make it follow the slope, it should look fine. And I will eventually have shrubs to disguise the drop off (right now there are Japanese honeysuckle there.

(*IF* we were ever able to buy the land behind us, I can envision a waterfall and another pond/wetland at the bottom. )
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