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Just so this place is not an echo chamber... here goes.

1) this is the Daily Mail we are talking about here. The Mail is the epitome of scumbag journolism. I know this looks like a weak argument to start off with; but the Daily Mail is really the lowest of the worst of the scummy bottom feeding journalism out there. Everything you read in the Mail can be safely ignored more or less.

2) It's clearly scandalous that farmers are being sold crops that are not going to be able to be grown the following year assuming they have not been told this. I do not know if this is the case or not, but ethically this would be reprehensible. It's also very bad business. I know about these terminator genes, they are something people have spent large amounts of time on.
BUT, they do not mean that GM crops are unsustainable. It means that Terminator genes in crops that are sold to people who cannot pay for them the following season are not sustainable. Or, if the company goes out of business and cannot provide more seed they are not sustainable.

Note, they bought these crops for a reason. Presumably they bought them because they were in some way expected to be better than the other crops (again whether they actually were is another matter).

Also, note that the terminator stuff is an add on to an existing modification that improves some aspect of the crop. It is not an integral part of it. If the company had no buyers the next season, then they may want to review their business, and possibly remove this gene allowing the growers to harvest viable seed.

Finally, the whole GM is bad thing. GM is not bad. It's simply silly to say this. Everything on the planet, throughout the history of time is genetically modified from something else. Genetics are modified every single time sexual reproduction happens. Very pointed GMs occurred when the Egyptians etc picked the best looking grain and planted only that. Labs are now using computers to look for genes with certain traits, and trying to splice these genes into genomes.
Big deal. It's genetics. It's all genetics.
Trust in evolution, trust evolution works, and has been working for as long as time has existed. Life on this planet is brutally good at doing what it does, it's genomes are not fragile things. If there is a real pressure that exists, trust evolution has seen it, and adapted to it.
The pressures we are putting on these genomes now (better crops etc) do not matter in the grand scheme of things. They only matter to us. They will only go wild and not vanish if there is a pressure that continues to exist, which it almost certainly wont.
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