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I have 8 large old oak trees on my acre lot and so have a seemingly endless supply of oak leaves. I shred them and two years ago mulched my back flower and shrub garden with them. I had planted a free canna lily in that garden. The instructions were to lift it in the fall. I don't do that, once planted, things stay planted! It came back and flowered beautifully this last spring. This last fall I decided to mulch heavily with shredded leaves anywhere I could remember planting Caladium (which also instruct you to lift these in the fall). We'll see if the leaf mulch works for them. It has been a much colder winter then normal. I figured I had nothing to lose since I wasn't going to lift them.

I have used the rubber mulch for paths through the back garden. Since it doesn't breakdown and there is no food growing back there, it seemed an efficient plan. Anywhere I am trying to grow something I want a mulch that will enrich the soil by decomposing. I envy those of you who have access to mulch from your municipalities. It is not happening in this rural area. I have spent the winter buying a yard of mulch at a time in bulk (it just about fills my small pickup bed). I then drive the truck to wherever I need to mulch the most and mulch directly from the truck. I've probably done about half of the beds. It is double ground wood mulch. It is way too expensive to do the kind of mulching I need to do, by the bag.
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