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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
I haven't gone for a look yet... I'm a bit lost on that last post. What's fz-7, fz-18 or fz-35,
Are those.... different cameras or f-stops????
Those are the different models of the Panasonic I have had over the past 6-7 years. I was noticing that all those early macros in my Flickr set were taken with the older, much more limited model! Remember when I sold the fz-7 and the fz-18 on eBay? Got enough to buy the fz-35!

Like I said, you'll have fun using the Raynox, a separate item, indoors. I think the link is up above in one of my comments.

The magnification is so great, the subject and photographer must be still. So bring the flower into the house and put it on a table! The Raynox adds a chunk but it's easily handled, snaps on the end of the regular lens, you can zoom a little bit but there is no need to zoom except to avoid vignetting.

On my fz-35, I can set it for macro and zooom way out, without any extra lens.

You're gonna have a blast!
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