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I'm full of questions now that you mention it....

Do you normally keep it attached to the camera? Yes and no. Roger usually uses it because it's a bit heavy for my weak right arm. I used to use it but broke the first one soon after we got it. For best results, I need a tripod or brace it on the car window with beanbags. He, of course, does hand-hand just fine.

If so... Can you still do everyday shots of family or floral close ups with it or do you need to remove it for the closer shots? We keep the adapter and lens screwed together so it can be easily put on the camera, which has a setting for the addition of the telephoto or macro lens. So, for normal photography, you have to take the long lens off and change the setting. I use a Raynox 250 lens on my camera for macros too, which I know you would love! $60

Does it add much length-weight to the front of your camera? +5-6" I think, and of course glass is heavy. It has many (13?) lens things in it.

May I ask how much the combination cost? I think about $300 more + tax, S&H, for the adapter and long lens. But we need it for Peregrine shots. You probably would not need it, and if you want it later, order it then. You may find cropping is sufficient and easier.

Another option is using an older compact camera with a scope for great range. It's called digiscoping if you want to look into that. It's fun thinking about updating camera stuff, isn't it?
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