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havalotta, Roger reviewed your selections and registered for WG so he could post this, but they haven't okayed him yet, so he asked me to post this~

Panasonic premieres Lumix DMC-FZ100 high-speed superzoom camera: Digital Photography Review See my comments below.

Olympus SP-800UZ & SP-600UZ with 30x & 15x zoom lenses: Digital Photography Review No EVF. Few external control buttons

Fujifilm introduces FinePix HS10 with 30x optical zoom: Digital Photography Review Manual zoom

Cnet rates Canon SX30 3.5 stars; Panasonic FZ100 rates 4 stars Could not find a review of the Canon SZ30 by preview.

We are partial to Lumix cameras starting with the FZ7, then FZ18 and now FZ35. Bought the lens adapter and teleconverter lens, which adds 70% to the camera reach at full 12 MP. Dropping to 3 MP extends the optical range even farther. Could use that same lens on the FZ100 by purchasing a longer adapter for the longer lens. The Leica lens of the base camera has been one of the best.

The FZ100 would be my choice. Panasonic started from scratch with digital cameras and not from the 35 mm field. Working with Olympus 4/3 camera that eliminates the SLR mirror "box" they came out with "DSLR" cameras almost the size of a point and shoot. They are not SLR cameras because they don't have the mirror box but I don't know what else to call them. They have removable lenses. They have incorporated their "DSLR" technology in their P/S cameras where possible. They were one of the first to offer variable focus while taking movies and zooming.

The FZ100 uses a MOS sensor as opposed to CCD as in previous FZ models. MOS sensors were used in their DG ("DSLR") models.

Online prices have dropped to an attractive level. Our FZ-35 is fine for our purposes, for now.))) Very tempted to get the FZ-100.

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