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We have ONE camera store and A Wall mart so I've been reading all about the various models while waiting for their new lines to come in.
I agree with midwesterner...
about going dslr, the $ and weight of a lens with the reach I need for birds/mammals didn't seem very practical for a (girl) who likes to hike.
No camera will give its top performance unless you know how to use manual settings for aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc.
I bet you'd find you can get the results you want with the camera you have!
I've been doing a lot of playing with the manuals settings and have YET to figure them out! Sometimes I actually get a few of those good shots but I haven't the knowledge HOW I've done it! It's all just a bunch of Jibberish numbers and moving histograms...
It's not that I want more necessarily in a camera..... It's necessity that is drawing me to a new one... Mine is starting to loose some of its capability....I guess it's true...You CAN burn them out piece by piece. It's been a real good camera all in all. The only thing I didn't like about the fuji was I could NOT zoom while in video mode and I had trouble focusing in dim lighting...
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