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It's difficult to try each camera unless you have a local camera store with all the models you're considering. A suggestion: Go to: Flickr Explore; click on pix you like and check to see what camera was used.

Personally I like the comfortable feel of the Panasonics. But like I mentioned before, use the camera you have now WITHOUT using any automatic settings. No camera will give its top performance unless you know how to use manual settings for aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc. I bet you'd find you can get the results you want with the camera you have!

Unless you will need to print poster-size prints, you don't really need more mp. The heavier pix take longer to upload, like a window shade being pulled down. Unless you must shoot Peregrines 18 floors up, or flying, you probably can't make a good case for spending more money!

just trying too help..........
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