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camera4 Camera options

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice (Pros AND Cons) on the following cameras before I replace the Fujifilm 18x 10 M.P. I'm currently using.

Panasonic FZ 100 24x 14 M.P. is the one I'm seriously thinking about buying over the newest....

Fuji film HS10 30x 10 M..P mainly because...They say you should always choose more M.P.'s over Zoom capability.

Olympus SP800-UZ 30x 14 M.P. Sounds like it has the best of both worlds but does it?

Canon SX 30 35x and 14 M.P. Is the only camera I actually had in hand but the sales women could tell me NOTHING about it...
I played around with it a bit and found I didn't like the double click to switch from screen to eye viewing....
something I use quite frequently to locate things quicker.
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