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There’s more info on blanching here, National Center for Home Food Preservation | Freezing FAQs but…. for some reason they don’t cover dehydration of food which I’m learning is superior to more traditional canning methods because the temps at which food is dehydrated aren’t nearly as high. Less enzymes are destroyed at lower temps and water soluble vitamins and minerals aren’t leached out during the dehydration process as they are using a hot water bath canner or pressure canner. Evidently when food is heated above 120° internally…. a lot of the nutritional value we’re trying to hang onto is lost. Dehydrated veggies retain more nutritional value and blanching before dehydrating gets rid of the "ickie" enzymes and reduces the loss of vitamins A, C, and thiamine too. If anyone's got any more questions.... better hunt down hazelnut. I thought I was sharing something really new and exciting with her and.... she knew it all off the top of her head.
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