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You can download the Google Picasa program here:
Picasa 3: Free download from Google

It's a free program and many people use and like it. It's a relatively small program, so it won't use up much of your disk space.

You can resize one at a time, or a whole batch at one time:
Selecting multiple photos : Using the Photo Tray - Picasa Help

Here's the help section info on "exporting":
Exporting photos : Exporting From Picasa - Picasa Help

The software that we use for the forums was designed to handle photos that were much smaller in size than present day cameras produce. The huge file sizes produced by the new cameras simply overload the software's ability to resize photos. vBulletin (our forum software) was not designed for heavy photo processing tasks. The photos have gotten so large that even special programs to resize photos are being overwhelmed.

The other limitation that we have is making our photos viewable by all of our members. Many of our members are on dialup ISP service. Dialup service is very slow compared to broadband and even DSL service. For our dialup members, the large photos that the new cameras produce would take around 10 minutes just to go from the thumbnail size to full photo size. That's for each photo.
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