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If I am getting this, you are thinking of getting your standard greenhouse, finding out which direction the winter sun is coming from, and then banking up the water bottles inside to shade the green house from the summer sun.

I suppose the idea is that the summer sun heat is smoothed out over 24 hours, and the winter sun comes in directly.

Hm. I know there are laminates you can buy that bounce the IR end of the light, meaning your glass becomes opaque to this heat. You could retrofit the place with that on the summer facing sides? Maybe just the roof. And use the water banks up the walls, so you get the warmth. You can then tune this with adding more and more of this laminate until you hit your sweet spot.

I guess if you had a nice N rich compost bin... you could stick it in there in the winter, and try to use that to take the edge off? (That might be total fantasy by the way. I have no idea how much heat these things will throw out.)

edit : i know from sleeping out rough a bit, that most of the heat you lose is out into the ground. They say that one blanket below you is worth two above you. You could get some of those foam interlocking tile things, throw those puppies down. That would probably preserve heat too.
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