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Default Converting a Traditional Greenhouse?

Equilibrium's thread about converting warehouses and greenhouses got me thinking about the greenhouse that I'm lucky enough to have on the property we bought. It has been three years and I've not taken too much advantage of it.

Mostly I've been focused on my native habitating, and I felt that the greenhouse really didn't offer much to plants already adapted to this climate. Now that I'm getting more interested in focusing on my vegetable gardening I'm starting to think about extending the growing season, or, if possible, grow some veggies year round.

The other day I was walking and thought about creating some kind of passive solar heating. I was envisioning some kind of 5 gallon bucket or barrels to fill with water and use as plant stands. Whatever I do, I'd like it to look nice, considering it is a glass house and therefore see-through.

This brings me to another issue. Last night I was doing some research about of "'Passive solar heating'+greenhouse". Some of the results explained that traditional glass greenhouses lose so much heat through the glass and require gas heat. They recommended creating a different structure using straw bales covered in clay for insulation and angled roof that takes advantage of the angle of the winter sun while not getting direct sun during the summer which results in less overbearing heat in the summer.

My problem is, I don't intend to build one of these better greenhouses--at least not any time soon. Does anyone have any ideas how I can "retrofit" the glass greenhouse I have to make it function in the winter?
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