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Default Native Mimosa

Mimosa USDA

Okay, how did this happen? How do we have several dozen native Mimosas and no one is selling them?

Mimosa microphylla has a gorgeous pink puff ball of a flower. The leaves are sensitive to the touch, they actually cruel back like so many novelty plants plants being sold. The only real downside I see is they're short 3 to 6 feet long vines that are covered in thorns.

Mimosa nuttallii is another one with a huge large range. Lots of pretty flowers, still covered in thorns though.

But again low growing herbaceous perennial, brilliant hot pink flower that's way prettier than the nonnative tree Mimosa, and they're native according to every source I've found so far on the internet. How did this little jewel escape the native plant nursery market?
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