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Originally Posted by amelanchier View Post
No, you're right! I had keyed it out and everything, but after looking online, the center of the flower gives it away.
I was just going by looks, I didn't key it out. My first year here, I spotted some and had hoped it was a native phlox--or other native, but found out it was not.

I guess this should go on the gardening mistakes thread, but this reminds me of something that happened about 10 years ago. We had stopped at a regular nursery and I spotted what I thought was phlox growing in old, discarded pots of dead plants. I asked about buying them because it was a wildflower. The man there said it was a weed and gave them to me.

Naive me, thought that he just didn't know anything about wildflowers. After lugging them home, I keyed it out and found out that it was Dame's rocket! How stupid, I felt. So, I really don't trust myself when it comes to phlox!
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