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"How to get a teenager involved???".... slip her some happy pills then alternate motivational tapes with soothing tapes after she drifts off to la la land every night that repeat over and over and over again "I love the natural world and I thirst for more knowledge".... Seriously.... resist the urge to bail her out. She's 17 and knows when school starts. It's her AP Biology class not yours.... remember.... we're out of school how many decades ago>>> ? You reminded her. That's all I would have done just because they're young and dumb and the summer slips away like toilet paper on a roll.... it goes faster and faster the closer it gets to the end of the roll. If she doesn't get her rear in gear.... let her suffer a very "natural" consequence.... as in a sucky grade. In the bigger scheme of things..... a few bad grades aren't the end of the world and.... we can't go to college with them to bail them out when they shirk their responsibilities so they might as well figure it out now. She'll come around sooner or later. She's your daughter.... a part of you is in her.... under all that laziness. We came around. Ours kids all come around too with the help of a few reality checks as in.... those are their grades they're bringing home not ours. I know it's hard to believe a part of us is in those lanky bodies sprawled out on their beds with arms and legs hanging over the edge and their cell phones dropped on the floor with the last text message still showing sawing logs at 1 in the afternoon after we've been up and out of the house for hours.... but a part of us is in those teenagers. Have faith.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
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