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Default The Indy revisits NestWatch

The Indy revisits NestWatch
Valerie Clarke

The Indy revisits NestWatch
excerpt from above:
"The sparrow problem caught us off-guard," DeHaan said. "They normally like more tree cover. Since this is all meadow, we just didn't expect them to be a problem."

"Sparrows have also killed four of our adult Tree Swallows. We found them decapitated," he added. "Sparrows are extremely aggressive birds and even attack us when we get close to the nests. They are small enough to fit into the holes and they'd rather take over an existing nest than begin a new box of their own."

DeHaan and Sherd have tried using sparrow spooks and fishing line to rid their nests of the pests, but if readers have a tried-and-true method, they would love to hear your input...
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