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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
I removed mine from alongside of the garage last fall or so I thought. It still pops up here and there. I'm assuming it's from leftover runners that were not removed entirely.
THAT is the reason I am unsure of weather I want it at all ! I can picture it popping up all over in the lawn once it finds its way under the plastic edging and I'm SURE it will...
I expect to be weeding mine out of that area for a while too. I do want to grow it--but in a pot.

It is native, but probably not the best for a small garden. I could put it in the hedgerow far from the house, but not sure that I will.

Hmmmmm SAGE You better not toss it in the woods......
Don't release the Kraken!
I agree. It may be native, but I'm not sure its native range is this far north. Also, it is likely not appropriate in the woodland setting should it take off there.
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