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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
Sometimes things don't bloom if you are taking TOO good of care of them..
The plant will think it's dieing and in a last ditch effort it tries to reproduce by creating its florals and future seeds....

I relocated a sprig of my trumpet vine last fall when I noticed it had ripped off my outside lighting and was then working on uplifting my siding!
At the time I thought it was a great idea to plant it under a dead plum in a floral bed to crawl up instead of using a typical trellis.
After a few years it should look like a flowering tree.
I know they spread by ground runners.... but how many, far do they wander, and how hard does one need to pull on them to pluck them out.
I hope I don't regret planting it. I may have created a monster.
My dad used to say plants tend to make a lot of seed when they may be dying. I'm hoping the stress of being potted will help it bloom! Really, I'm not expecting any blossoms until next year or much later. I am just trying to avoid the runners.

I really don't have much experience with it. As a teen or in my early twenties, i wanted to plant it, now I'm a little wary of putting it in the ground--at last not NEAR the house as was done by the previous owner. You know first-hand what it is doing to your siding.

Mine is growing through a small rock wall that needs rebuilt (not because of the trumpet vine) and through an overgrown flowerbed. I am finding pretty big roots that break off and will likely send up more shoots. That is the limit of my experience. I'll know more next year if I see it coming up from buried roots.

I'm hoping to have that free-standing, tree-like look in my pot-bound trumpet vine. We'll see how that goes.

Good luck with yours.
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