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Sometimes things don't bloom if you are taking TOO good of care of them.
Fertilizing can send many plants on a growing spree.... Greenery.
You may need to stress a plant into flowering. This can be done by holding back on the fertilizers and watering as is done with household violets.
The plant will think it's dieing and in a last ditch effort it tries to reproduce by creating its florals and future seeds....

I relocated a sprig of my trumpet vine last fall when I noticed it had ripped off my outside lighting and was then working on uplifting my siding!
At the time I thought it was a great idea to plant it under a dead plum in a floral bed to crawl up instead of using a typical trellis.
After a few years it should look like a flowering tree.
I know they spread by ground runners.... but how many, far do they wander, and how hard does one need to pull on them to pluck them out.
I hope I don't regret planting it. I may have created a monster.

If I notice any runners next spring, I think I'll give the the pot method a try as you are doing.
I'd need to put it into the garage (45-50 degrees) or better yet, bury the pot in the garden in the fall to over winter it a rest.
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