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Originally Posted by amelanchier View Post
Damn it damn it damn it! I went out & checked, and I have these things too, on my one little viburnum seedling. Lessee... I've got Japanese beetles, viburnum leaf beetles, European paper wasps... what invasive insect is next? (Probably emerald ash borer, actually, it's only a few miles away.) And these VLB's are tough to catch too, not like JB's.
amelanchier, I'm sorry to hear that you have an infestation too. At least you are aware of it and can do something about it.

I'm starting to think that I have the European paper wasps too. I'd been leaving them alone assuming they were the native ones. After the post and the antennae thingy, I may have tons of the European kind.

I'm really hoping that we don't get the emerald ash borer. I have a few young ash trees that I was hoping would help create my woodland area. I am adding other trees among the pioneers that we have.

Anyway, I went out three times to pick off and kill those little buggers from my little guy. Then I went out to water it and then I saw the rain coming down...on a sunny day.
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