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Originally Posted by tineckbone View Post
You will find that if you have too many "things" like rocks in the bottom of your pond, you will have a lot of trouble keeping the algae from growing. The bottom of the pond should be clear of everything.
If you are wanting to attract birds like herons, then get some fish. Just make sure that they are the most expensive fish that you can find, the herons have expensive tastes! Also, if you have fish you will have to most likely do all the things to your pond that you would do for a fish tank inside the house...
"Just make sure that they are the most expensive fish..." LOL! Yup, I've heard stories! If I put fish in, I'll get native fish...maybe just minnows.

I'm not exactly trying to attract herons, but I do think they are beautiful, amazing birds. I guess I'm concerned that they'll come for the frogs that I expect to show up, and then they'll puncture the liner.

~sigh~ I think I'm gonna have to learn the hard way. I can't believe I'm saying that, because I'm sure you are probably right about the rocks. I just have this picture in my mind of how I want it to look. Considering that I'm starting with what I'm calling my "glorified birdbath" which will be small enough to rework if necessary I'm going to risk it. Call it a trial run for my ultimate project down the road. Thanks for the warning...get ready to say, "I told you so". =)
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