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Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
I didn't mean to imply that I wanted ducks--yes they are cute, but I know that they are very messy/dirty. I didn't realize they'd eat all the bugs they could find. Definitely not for a small backyard area.

Now, if they were to show up on their own, I'm not sure what I'd do. (but, I don't even have a pond yet!)

I *am* trying to plan for visits from herons--I want to make sure they cannot penetrate the liner causing leaks. My plan is to use large rocks on the bottom--I can hear Equilibrium furiously typing a reply with emphatic "NO!s" warning me against the use of rocks. ~smile~

You will find that if you have too many "things" like rocks in the bottom of your pond, you will have a lot of trouble keeping the algae from growing. The bottom of the pond should be clear of everything.
If you are wanting to attract birds like herons, then get some fish. Just make sure that they are the most expensive fish that you can find, the herons have expensive tastes! Also, if you have fish you will have to most likely do all the things to your pond that you would do for a fish tank inside the house...
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