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I am going to print this for them since I know they're going to beam with pride reading your comments.... I may have to explain what a voodoo doll is but that's ok. Get this.... they've got vegetable seeds they brought with them to the US back when they first came over here. I wish you could taste some of their beans. You'd be knocked out of your socks. They gave me 20 of their black beans. They made me promise to always save the seed from the best plant. Another thing they did that blew me away was a graft. I've never seen a graft like what they did but.... it worked. They've got the wrong root stock technically speaking but I didn't say anything. I want to see how his grafts turn out for the long haul. Whatever works. This is going to get interesting. I've got to get you some photos of some other friends of mine who do grapes. Their plants are from Italy where they came from. Their grape vine support is a hoot. It's an old clothes line they modified to support grapes. That's another couple that blew me away when I saw how they were starting new grape plants. I kid you not, they took some cuttings last fall then stuck them in the ground with no rooting hormone or anything. We're talking they stuck them in the ground and 2 out of 4 rooted. I took photos of that. I'm done screwing with rooting hormones and grape vines. Mine all bit the dust. Next year I'm poking them in the ground in fall and calling it a day.
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