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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
One of my favorite topics. Whatdoyawant to talk about? Which link do you want to start at first?
OK Equil ,

In my case I am trying to design habitat for birds primarily (later I will look at tortises, turtles and possibly bats though it does not look encouraging for those here ) . I have read at a few sites where brush piles were eliminated because it drew "undesireables" such as skunks , racoons and the like . Not likely those would bother me here in the low desert . Rabbits have been a problem for me and I have done what I can to limit nesting places for them . I was bothered a bit when I spied some rabbits entering my burrowing owl habitat which has 4" tubing . The owl recue people assure that if/when the owls want those nests that the owls will kick them out .

Now it seems to me that a brush pile could be built/designed to keep "undesirables " out . Freal cats would possibly be another for me . I have seen the quail here go through chain link fence rather easily . So my idea is that if one were to build a brush pile as a lot of sites suggest , then taking chain link trenching it into the ground around the outside of the core stack , it would seem to me that this would be a pretty good exclusionary device .

If the core stack of alternating 4 and 6" inch logs/branches were used stacking alternating as suggested . If say the logs were cut to say a 6 foot length then stacked making a 6 foot square to a height of 3 foot . Then a piece of chain link fabric of 14 feet in length was laid over it . trenched to a foot depth on each side ( 2 feet ) the heigth of the 2 sides (3 +3 = 6 ) , the distance across the top ( 6 feet ) then 6 + 6 + 2 = 14 , then only two sides would be left remaining . Two more pieces of fabric of 3 x 6 would take care of that so a 20 foot piece of fabric would be necessary for a structure as I scaled it . These dimensions of course be changed to ones needs .

I am looking to make brush piles oriented mostly to attract ground birds such as quail . So would not my above suggested design be a sound exclusionary device as I think ?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated .
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