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I have created several garden beds using the lasagna layering method.

I used weeds, cardboard, twigs, shredded leaves, whole leaves, dirt, newspaper, shredded paper, grass clippings, potting soil from spent plants, kitchen waste, coffee grounds...basically anything that I would toss into my compost pile.

You're basically creating a compost pile in place. I just roughly followed the green/brown layering method.

I didn't even bother turning over the turf grass. Just started with shredded paper and cardboard on the bottom layer to block the growth underneath. Added twigs and chunky stuff next to provide some drainage, dirt, then some newspaper. Tossed weeds on top of the newspaper let them die and rot. Tossed on some leaves, more weeds, added the rest, and by the fall I had a really nice bed. I did my perennial fall plantings in the bed. Worked great.

Make sure you water well between each layer.

You can make your lasagna bed all in one day, but I've found what works best for me is to create it over an entire summer. It settles down alot, just like a normal compost pile.
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