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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
Quietman> The wood was supposed to be a special order 3” thickness by 12” by 10’. What I got was like a 2” thickness x 11”. I know what I bought and I did not buy 2.5 x 11.5 anything.
Oddly enough, it was 3" x 12" x 10 feet BEFORE it was kiln dried (most likely). I think they sent just what you ordered, but standard lumber dimensions are confusing (even for me!) More info on standard lumber dimensions.

Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
Quietman> Your raised bed was the one I wanted but I got tired of waiting for somebody to special order a truck load of 16’ or 18’ lengths so I could add on to their order. ... Until then…. they only stock up to 12’ lengths. I don’t have any landscape fabric laying around but I do have some jute and a roll of left over erosion control geotextile fabric. I really should put something under the gravel so thanks for thinking of it.
Yikes! My original plan was for 12 foot lengths, but the lumber yard screwed up and sent two 14 footers (in addition to the 12's)! I modified my plan to exploit the extra 2 feet!! There's no reason you couldn't use 12 footers (that I can think of) and have a slightly smaller bed.

I think the geotextile fabric would be EVEN BETTER than weed block as it's more durable. I had some left over from my pond installation, and I've used it in areas that I NEVER want to see a thistle, etc.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!


P.S. I think it's COOL you are using the Timbersil, if I am reading your message right!!
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