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I have to be honest…. I thought super long end posts into the ground was over the top bonkers and total overkill until something Quietman said about supporting only chicken wire registered in my brain…. I forgot I told my husband I wanted to rest a couple hundred pound chicken tractor on the frame of my raised bed. I’m going to ditch the idea of a chicken tractor resting on the frame. I’ll have to figure out another way to let the chickens in because I do NOT want to be digging post holes down below the frost line. I’d hit solid clay after 1’ of digging and that’s brutal.
hazelnut> I’m going to leave most of the “in between” areas grass until I figure out what to do with them. I’m torn now except for one area alongside my greenhouse that will be gravel. Grass needs to be cut and gravel doesn’t and I was leaning toward gravel between all of them but… you can’t exactly take a shop vac to gravel. I’ll double up and use plugs and my hearing protection…. no way do I want to lose more hearing. I printed off your directions to keep for when I do it myself the first time. This time I’ve got help. Here’s the brand of lumber I bought except for the 4 x4s that I got for free that I think are pine, Timber Treatment Technologies | Timbersil. It’s non-toxic!!!
dapjwy> I’m not growing anything in pressure treated lumber!!! You are so right. Gives me the heevie jeevies too. I bought some sort of glass infused pine guaranteed for 40 years. I’ll be dead by then. They hand picked wood for me that was left over from a special order and it’s partially weathered to a nice gray soooo no need to paint it. I’ll raise the long boards an inch off the ground. That’s a really good idea!!! I’m seeing that you attached your boards totally to the outside of your 4 x 4s. And Quietman attached some of his toward the front and some toward the back if you look at his last diagram in the 8th post, That’s 4 different ways of attaching the 9 footers if you include me wanting to attach in the middle. I think maybe I better figure out what to do right now before they come on Friday to help me.
Quietman> The wood was supposed to be a special order 3” thickness by 12” by 10’. What I got was like a 2” thickness x 11”. I know what I bought and I did not buy 2.5 x 11.5 anything. Your raised bed was the one I wanted but I got tired of waiting for somebody to special order a truck load of 16’ or 18’ lengths so I could add on to their order. They probably got tired of me calling every month to see if anyone had special ordered those lengths. Your raised bed was exactly what I wanted. I have space set aside in my “master plan” for one and as soon as the economy breaks and TimberSil gains more in popularity… I should be able to get the longer lumber I’d need without having to special order a truckload. Until then…. they only stock up to 12’ lengths. I don’t have any landscape fabric laying around but I do have some jute and a roll of left over erosion control geotextile fabric. I really should put something under the gravel so thanks for thinking of it.
suunto> in my dreams could I have an 8,000 sq foot garden and…. the time to tend to it and…. the time to process all the goods from it. I’m getting a serious case of garden lust from your photos complete with bambi and thumper exclusion!!! You probably don’t remember but… you helped me pick potatoes…. I ordered them and had to pass them to friends since I didn’t get going on raised beds fast enough to use them myself. They’ll save starts for me so I’ll be good to go next year.
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