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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
There were some good ideas at this place, Material between 4x4 boxes.. I was thinking gravel was cheap enough. What does everyone else use between their raised beds?
I put landscape fabric (weed block) between mine, and then a 2-3 inch layer of gravel. The gravel drains well after rain, so I can get right to weeding/harvesting right after a rainstorm, and not be in the mud.

Also, I would not bury the 4x4 at all, especially if it's only chickenwire that's being supported. Make sure that the sideboards are firmly attached (I'd use deck screws) to the 4x4's so the weight of the soil does not push the boards out and seperate them. You didn't mention the width of your sideboards, are they 8", 10", 12"?

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