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As a y-chromosome with very little experience, I'll share the what I did. While we were renting, I went to a local lumber mill and asked for locust wood. Locust is supposed to resist rot. I bought some 4X4s and some 2X6X12s....(I cut these to make two rectangular plots and one square and fit them together in 3 plots shaped like an "L").

Anyway, I did not sink the 4X4s in the ground (I may have left them a couple of inches longer (attached the boards a couple inches above the bottoms) and dug out a couple incches in the corners just for stability. I think you are fine not burying them below the frost line. It is not a deck or structure that I think would need it.

When we moved, I took only one of the 8X4 rectangles...I wish I'd taken the time to get the other two out, too. Oh well, preparing to move is a stressful time and I didn't think it was worth the effort at the time.

I'm wondering if the free 4X4s are pressure treated...I was wary to use pressure treated lumber for a vegetable garden--that is why I opted for the locust.

I'll look for pictures that I modeled mine after. It was a nice finished look, and probably one of the few projects I've ever built. We did use screws to attach ours together. Pre-drilling holes was necessary, but time consuming.

Hope this was helpful on some level.
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