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Default Filling raised beds

At the end of this week I'll have some raised beds to start filling for next year. I'm going the lasagna route. Some friends of mine do this and they've got a good thing going. Here's a photo of their whopper of a raised bed. I'm going to start by solarizing the grass then when it's fried I flip it over so the roots are up. Then I figured I'd layer on some cardboard then wet it good. After that.... I dunno. I've got loads of good horse poop that's partially composted with wood chips in it, loads of weeds with no seed heads on them, bags of coffee grounds, some left over sphagnum from starting seeds, wood chips, ash from our fireplaces, and tons of grass clippings with clover in them. I could easily get my hands on chicken poop and I could buy some mushroom compost if I had to but I'd rather not spend the money buying compost. Any order I should be piling on the layers? Any thing else I should add?
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