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Did the Zuchinni chips taste anything like potato chips? I'm curious. That actually sounds like a pretty good snack. Thanks for sharing that bit of information.

I tried growing potatoes in large containers two years ago. The harvest method was easy, just tip the tubs over on a tarp. But I didn't get the results I had hoped for. I'm putting my potatoes back in the ground this year.

Cucumbers and beans growing on the same tripod sounds like a good idea too me. The beans would add nitrogen to the soil, and your cukes might blossom and produce like crazy. Better get ready to make a whole lot of pickles!! Let us know how that growing combination works for you, ok?

I never thought about interplanting carrots the way I do with my radishes. Hmmmm...think I'll give it a try! I actually plant quite a few carrots in my garden but they are not all for me. When a resident black bear meanders into my garden while I am working & weeding, I yank out a carrot or two and throw them as far as I can (AWAY from garden.) The bear lumbers over to where the carrot landed, picks it up, and trots back into the woods with it's prize. Hey....whatever works, right?

I plan to try an odd quirk with the 3 sisters method (corn, string beans, squash). I'm substituting birdhouse gourds for squash. The good thing is that the deer hate the taste of birdhouse gourds, so I'm hoping the birdhouse gourds will protect my corn & beans from those chow hound deer.
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