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Default Grow $700 of Food in 100 Square Feet

Grow $700 of Food in 100 Square Feet

By Rosalind Creasy with Cathy Wilkinson Barash
motherearthnews website

If more Americans grew a little food — instead of so much grass — our savings on grocery bills would be astounding.

The Objective
I took a 5-by-20-foot section of garden bed by my tiny lawn to see how much I could grow in just that 100 square feet. I wanted to produce a lot of food, and because it was part of my edible landscape, it had to look good, too.

The Plants
I wanted to make this garden simple — something anyone in the United States could grow. I didn’t include fancy vegetable varieties; I chose those available at my local nursery as transplants. I also selected vegetables that are expensive to buy at the supermarket, as well as varieties that my experience has told me produce high yields. the full article here Grow $700 of Food in 100 Square Feet
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