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Okay, I exited WG, reopening it and I'll try again to post last year's pix so you'll know what I'm dealing with~ I'm doing one pic at a time...and that taking way too long...

~Making a Balcony Jungle~-p1360809.jpg This is the type of planter, and I have 5 now and will get a 6th

~Making a Balcony Jungle~-p1360811.jpg I cram them and other years they get fantastic but 2009 was dismal

~Making a Balcony Jungle~-p1360812.jpg The poor trumpet vine - should I cut it back?

~Making a Balcony Jungle~-p1360822.jpg The nasturtiums did well and I love their brights colors. I add them to salads.

~Making a Balcony Jungle~-p1360824.jpg The balcony is small, about 13' long and very narrow.

I want tall stuff and low stuff. We put up matchstick rollups to cut the afternoon sun so we can sit out there so nothing near the railing can be too tall. The walls are brown brick, ceiling white. I hang three planters out beyond the blinds, the last couple years Million bells, but last year they died.

If things don't do better this year I'll give up. I've always been told I have a "green thumb" but last year was so discouraging...

So, "Live Vicariously" and "Plant a Balcony by Proxy"!
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