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Default ~Making a Balcony Jungle~

Last year some suggested I plant a trumpet vine. A month ago I took it out of the closet and put it on the balcony along with all the other dead looking stuff.

Finally! It's showing signs of life! In all my long terra cotta planters only the chives have come back, but Yea! I told Roger that this week we are going to get everything pulled out and the soil changed so I can go get some stuff!

Last May was so horrible, but this year I'm going to go ahead and plant!

I want birds, bugs, butterflies and hummers among the jungle! This is Buffalo so basically I need annuals, unless they will survive the winter in planters. I think Cosmos are perennial and I love them so I'll get them.

Last year Buffalo gardeners cried and nothing grew well. We had virtually no hot weather.

Trying to upload pix and got this again
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