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Did you perhaps hear that on April 1?

No snow here, at least not in the south 'burbs of Chicago. Flowers and trees are blooming, my Silver Maples trees in the yard are leafing out, my neighbors have cut their grass already, my weeds that pass for a lawn are in need of mowing too.

There were a few flakes of snow maybe a week ago or so, but no accumulation. Further north where you live may have seen a little accumulation, but I'm sure it melted within 24 hours. Things are still way warmer here than they should be.

My sign that it's Morel time is Lilacs starting to bloom, haven't seen that yet. I am seeing Mayapples are well up, which is a sign it's getting to be close to time for the Morels, so they may come early this year. I just saw reports of tiny Yellow Morels from Macoupin County, IL from two days ago, so they should be popping up here within a week or two if the weather holds. That's early for this area. I'm leading a Morel Foray at Kankakee State Park for the Illinois Mycological Association on May 2, and I think the Morels should be well up by then instead of just starting as they usually are around that time.

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