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Jeebus, I thought I was subscribed to this thread. I am very, very sorry.

I stopped in to update folks on where this was going, and realized I missed Staff's question (though I think I pm'd E? Did I? If I'm nuts, let me know).

For personal reasons, the last few months have been locked-down, work and home. Fortunately, most things have turned out better than expected. Unfortunately, this project has suffered.

I've still got lots of bran. I'm still going to sell it. I'm doing it without a label for now (though I do appreciate BBB's offer, and will take her up on it when it comes to that!) as just a bulk item.

I need to figure out liability insurance, though. I never considered the fact, but vendors have asked for it, and (obviously) any sort of farmers market requires it.

I do beg of your imagination to consider the conversations I've had with insurance brokers regarding this particular product. "In detail, describe what you're selling" and "what does it do" and "how does it work."

To the self-selected attendees of the groups I've had, it makes some sense. To someone with absolutely no insight, it's a real event. Fortunately (again) I think I'm going to get some sort of consideration at a reasonable price.

Again, I really, really thought I was subscribed to this thread and would see if anything came up.

Please let me know, by PM or by email, what I can do. I have quite a bit of material prepared and ready to share, for free until this liability issue is solved. I apologize for the final time for not responding in a timely fashion.
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